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How to transfer your QA-CAD license from old computer to new computer
Can we transfer the purchased QA-CAD licenses on an existing computer to the new computers after QA-CAD is uninstalled from the current computers?

Yes, you need to deactivate the QA-CAD licenses on the existing computers first.
And then transfer and activate the QA-CAD license in the new computers.

1)Open the QA-CAD on the old computer and press the deactivate license button in the about QA-CAD window.
You can access [HELP] --> [about QA-CAD] --> [deactivate license]
2)Uninstall the QA-CAD on the old computer.
3)Install the QA-CAD on the new computer.
4)Activate the QA-CAD with your ID and password on the new computer.

You can deactivate and move the QA-CAD license up to 4 times.

QA-CAD text/ dimension capture problem
  If you can not capture text / dimension from your drawing in QA-CAD, please click to see this OCR tutorial.

QA-CAD GD&T capture problem
If you can not capture GD&T feature control frames in QA-CAD, please check if our GD&T font file, GuthCAD-GDT.ttf, has been installed in your PC.

How to check: go to Fonts Settings in Control Panel in your PC and type GuthCAD-GDT(please click here for your reference). If you can not find the GuthCAD-GDT.ttf, re-install QA-CAD and reboot your PC. Then check GuthCAD-GDT.ttf in Fonts Settings again.
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