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Download Fully Functional 21 day Trial! Supports all AutoCAD® up to version 2020

  CAD Viewer 2019 - 35 MB, 27.11.2019 (v 2019 A.73)
  CAD Markup 2019 - 35 MB, 25.11.2019 (v 2019 A.72)
  SymbolCAD 2019 - 35 MB, 25.11.2019 (v 2019 A.72)
  QA-CAD 2019 - 90 MB, 5.12.2019 (v 2019 A.76)
  CAD Batch Command 2019 - 35 MB, 27.11.2019 (v 2019 A.73)

(Note: The trial version is converted to the full version once the software is registered.)

Important Note to Trial Users:
If the trial version displays a message 'Trial Version has expired' the very first time that the software is run, then please re-run the software one time as Administrator by right clicking on the the software's desktop icon and selecting 'Run as Administrator'. Thanks!

Registered Users Upgrade Note:

If your license was purchased within the last 12 months, simply run the download file and install over the top of your existing software.  If you have not received a new keycode for version 2019, please contact our Technical Support to request it.

If the license was purchased over 12 months ago, an upgrade license may be purchased here.

Version 2019

Support all AutoCAD DXF and DWG drawing formats up to AutoCAD 2020 New
Optionally embed Markups directly into DXF and DWG drawings New
Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) image format support New
Auto-rotate printed pages for best fit
Microstation DGN support (v7-v8i) New
User defined 'Time/Date'/'Checked' stamp New
Most recently used documents list
Set Styles for Dimensions, Markups, QA
Expanded Markup, Dimension options New
Import/Export Markups
Overlay drawing printed in Black/White with Markups in color
Add Markups to PDF documents and drawings (Markup, QA versions)
Dimension tools (Markup, QA versions)
Area and Distance Measurement tools (Markup,QA versions)
Store Markup Edits / Additional Markup functions (Markup, QA versions)
Save as PDF
View ESRI shapefiles
View HPGL, HP-GL/2 (.PLT) plot files

German Version Download the CAD Viewer/CAD Markup/SymbolCAD/CAD QS german (Deutsch) here
French Version Download the CAD Viewer/CAD Markup/SymbolCAD/CAD AQ (Fran├žais) here
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Changes to latest software revision here
Archives: Prior release versions of CAD Viewer here
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