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revision history

This page contains a running record of minor changes and/or bug fixes to the Guthrie CAD Viewer software. The software is being updated on a regular basis and the current latest version may be downloaded here:
CAD Viewer 2017 / CAD Markup 2017 / SymbolCAD 2017 / QA-CAD 2017Downloaddownload.

(Date format

CAD Viewer 10.0 A33 - 14.2.13

Option may be set in DWGCONV.INI to give higher resolution for OLE insterted objects (e.g. spreadhseets)
- Setting is:
BaseWidthOLEpixels=1600   (default = 1600   a very high resolution would be say 4800)
Fix: Some linetypes not dislaying correctly
Fix: QA - Capture Dimensions Tags not stored after user selects back / forward
Fix: Repair/reinstate Capture Dimensions Tags that were previously not stored
Fix: If multiple saved markup edits for the same drawing existed, the software woud ask twice instead of once which edits to use
Fix: If multiple saved markup edits for the same drawing existed, and the user hits 'Cancel' cancel was ignored.

CAD Viewer 10.0 A32 - 8.2.13

Fix: QA - Capture Dimensions not working

CAD Viewer 10.0 A31 - 5.2.13

Fix: Crashing with 'error code (-168)' (Invalid ResBuf) when DWG with PDF underlay has clip boundary
Fix: Some thick polyines with bulges wrong
Fix: Trial Expired on first time run

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.30 - 25.1.13

Markup Circle option
Display error message if drive on network is unaccessable
Fix: Block Move would flag Markups as needing to be saved, even if user cancels operation.
Fix: Image in drawing was not printing

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.29 - 15.1.13

Better resolution of text widths.

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.28 - 14.1.13

Fix: Attributes may not display when drawing has draworder in effect

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.27 - 11.1.13

Fix: solid hatch with arc edges not displaying correctly
Fix: thick polyline with bulges not displaying correctly
Fix: Markup Export not working (versions affected A.22 to A.26)
Fix: Markup Fills not being saved (versions affected A.22 to A.26)
Fix: Markup Dimension Polylines not being saved (versions affected A.22 to A.26)

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.26 - 29.12.12

Fix: Leaders (callouts) with multiple leader lines not displayed correctly

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.25 - 27.12.12

Draworder automatically enabled when required.

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.24 - 15.12.12

For multipage documents give option to delete markups for the whole document or just the current page.
Fix: for multipage documents, markup entities that were not internally assigned a page number get displayed on every page.
Fix: QA/QS Dropdown lists do not show last entered item if the item was not originally in the list
Fix: OLE object not displaying

CAD Viewer 10 A.23 - 11.12.12

Fix: some null hatches not eliminated
Fix: text containing '/' may be not correctly justified.
Fix: captured qs tolerances of format +n.n/+n.n picks up 2nd +n.n as 0.0
Fix: Recursive Explode blocks does not finish if there are viewports and 'Explode Viewports' is not checked.
Fix: Inq Attrbiutes after flashing for ambiguous entity selection, after Attribtues displayed, display is blank (until refresh)
Fix: Scale function not working
Gray out Scale function for drawings that do not have linestyles. (since Scale only affects linestyle display)
Fix: Exported QA symbols coming back incomplete upon import
For multipage documents give option to export markups for the whole document or just the current page

CAD Viewer 10 A.22 - 26.11.12

Fix: Some PDF drawings displaying as all black
Fix: rubbish characters displaying in French/German "All supported files"
incorporate updated PDF View module
Fix: Delete markups on Multipage PDF deletes PDF, Page goes to '0/n'
Fix: Insert Image / Symbol onto multipage PDFs displays image insert on all pages instead of just the page inserted on.
Fix: Image PDF onto multipage PDFs displays PDF insert on all pages instead of just the page inserted on.
Fix: Export Markups losing default output pathname - was just presenting user with .CVMX as the output filename
Fix: If user cancels Export Markups, software erroneously displays error message 'ERROR saving Markup edits ...'
Fix: If user cancels Export Markups, software exports anyway.
Fix: Page changer control only picking up first digit of page number if user presses enter
New: Rotate Image

CAD Viewer 10 A.21 - 6.11.12

Fix: STILL call to SHELL32.DLL as in A.18, (2nd call was in DCDLL.DLL affected version A.19)
Only fixed by complete CLEAN REBUILD

CAD Viewer 10 A.20 - 5.11.12

Fix: Missed 2nd call to SHELL32.DLL as in A.18, (2nd call was in DCDLL.DLL affected version A.19)

CAD Viewer 10 A.19 - 31.10.12

Internal optimisation of reading solid fill Hatches.
Fix: program reports missing SHELL32.DLL (probably only on Windows versions pre Vista) - affected version A.18
Fix: some hatch with spline edge causes error 105

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.18 - 20.10.12

Fix: Pdf Page Changer missing

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.17 - 26.10.12

Fix:  drawings containing ArcAlignedTExt cause 163 error code, and drawing does not load
Fix:  DWF drawings not reading, software exits

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.16 - 23.10.12

Fix: Software crashes with error -163 if: Explode mtext AND mtext has mask AND mask is background color AND mtext has embedded font(s)
Fix: MTEXT with mask color = background shows as defined color rather than background color

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.15 - 21.10.12

Fix: Display MTEXT backgrounds - including backgrounds that match the display background
Fix / implement: PDFs in AutoCAD drawing

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.14 - 17.10.12

Support PDFs in Insert Image
Direct read of drawings from the internet
Set up example spreadsheet with links for calling 'CAD Viewer Batch Command'
Fix: /NOPDF setup or SavePdf=0, was leaving 'Email PDF' option still available
Fix: 'Save Markup Edits' and 'Delete Markup Edits' wrongly appearing in CAD Viewer 'File' menu
Disable 'Email PDF' if Alternate PDF driver is specified.
Fix: Markup Edits sometimes not discarded when user selects to discard (affected versions ~ A.11 - A.13)
Fix: Command line install /LICENSE switch not registering license for Ger and Fr versions.

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.13 - 1.10.12

Allow last position of CAD Viewer to be retained in a secondary monitor.
Command line installation switches:
 /PDFX_REMOVE - remove PDF-Xchange 3 from a previous CAD Viewer installation
 /ALTPDF={alternate_pdf_driver} - specify an alternate PDF driver to be used instead of PDF-Xchange
Fix: crashing bug, "invalid Symbol table name" -37, caused by trying to add Text Style name with \U+nnnn chars
Fix: Error message "Unable to create Edits folder: ..e.g. %APPDATA%\guthcad\qa10\~edits\\0 Markup Edits will not be saved. Try running the software 1 time 'As Admninistrator' to create the folder"
Fix: Save as Bmp drops colors to 256 when RLE option is selected - Need to warn user.
Fix: If Batch Command command line attempted on unlicensed software, the software would be left in memory, and prevent attempts by user to start the software normally (requires process terminate via Windows Task Manager, or reboot)
Fix: Inconsistent Batch Command checking
Fix: Command line PDF output not working if /OUT selected as a folder
Fix: Pasted markup images from clipboard lost in new session
Fix: Markups saved in UNC path not recognised when reopen drawing

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.12 - 20.8.12

Handle CAD Batch Command licensing
Command line installation fixes

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.11 - 15.8.12

Fix: German version showing 'CAD QA' instead of 'CAD QS' in about info

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.09/10 - 1.8.12

Split CV product line into CV,CM,SY,QA
 - install into separate folders as above
 - propogate product naming

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.08 - 13.7.12

First SymbolCAD
Fix: Export of curve vertices outputting vertices as 0.0
Add command line parameters for save as image : /MARGIN=<pixels> /SZH=<h> /SZW=<w>

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.07 - 13.7.12

Fix: QA header line setting not being remembered

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.06 - 29.5.12

Fix: PDF-Xchange 3.0 printer driver appears as 'blank' in the printers list when 'Save As PDF' on vista and xp

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.05 - 28.5.12

Fix: XRefs with non 0,0 base point not inserted at correct location
Fix: 'Save As PDF' not bringing up default printer instead of 'PDF-Xchange' as PDF driver on some windows (e.g. 64 bit)
Fix: double lines wrongly removed (lines with same coordinates but different linestyles)
Fix: Some XREF searchpaths inconsistencies
Show source path of XREF when Inquire > Block
Fix: 'Bullet' dots not displaying correctly in autocad 2007 drawing with dwgcodepage ANSI_949

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.04 - 16.5.12

Allow user copy of attdef.ini in user folder
Entries in cadviewer.ini and cvuser.ini control propogation as follows

  0 = dont propogate changes in attdef.ini in main CV folder to users
  1 = cause any update in attdef.ini in main CV folder to get propogated to all users

 0 = allow user attdef.ini to get overwitten
 1 = prevent user attdef.ini from getting overwitten

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.03 - 14.5.12

Fix: MLEADERS not displaying correctly in non-QA/QS versions
Add extra tolerance tables:
 General Tolerances for Sheet Metals
 General tolerance (for welded constructions)

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.02 - 8.5.12

Radio button selection for qa/qs tolerances (+ set tolerances as default)

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.01b - 6.5.12

Fix: export of qa attributes appends rubbish in QA_NUM field (affected versions 9.0 A.48, A.49)
Output upper or lower tolerance as 0 in case where the tolerance is not specfied but the other tolerance is.

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.01a - 4.5.12

Fix: crash on save markups when QS Tolerance active
Fix: store selected Gen Tol for drawing (i.e. when using back/forward on loaded drawings.)

CAD Viewer 10.0 A.01 - 4.5.12

First CAD Viewer version 10
Accumulated changes within the last 12 months
Implement built in General Tolerances / IT Grades for QA/QS
Markup insert image

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.55 - 29.5.2012

Fix: PDF-Xchange 3.0 printer driver may show as 'blank' in the printers list when 'Save As PDF' on vista and xp

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.54 - 28.5.2012

Fix: Save As PDF bringing up default printer instead of 'PDF-Xchange' as PDF driver on some windows (e.g. 64 bit)
Fix: XRefs with non 0,0 base point not inserted at correct location
Fix: 'Bullet' dots not displaying correctly in autocad 2007 drawing with dwgcodepage ANSI_949

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.53 - 21.5.2012

Fix: Double lines wrongly removed

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.52 - 17.5.2012

Fix: TOLERANCE entities not displaying correctly

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.51 - 9.5.2012

Fix: MLeaders not displaying correctly

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.50 - 6.5.2012

Fix: Export of qa/qs attributes appends rubbish in QA_NUM field (affected versions 9.0 A.48, A.49)

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.49 - 26.4.2012

Fix: Default Start number for QA/QS symbols not able to be set after a renumber using the 'Preserve Suffix' method (affected version 9.0 A.48)

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.48 - 8.4.2012

Revise QA/QS renumber to keep suffixes fixed
Fix: Handle multiple embedded fonts in MTEXT text

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.47 - 22.3.2012

Fix: Customer PDF drawing with QS symbols crashes
Fix: some QA/QS symbols 'squashed'.

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.46 - 21.3.2012

Fix: Markup > Edit Markup Text duplicates text (when DrawOrder is off)

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.44 - 19.3.2012

Add change of colors to Edit Markup Text
Fix: Markup import on multipage PDF - Markups being all placed on page 1

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.43 - 18.3.2012

Fix: Import of Exported Markup Text or Saved Markup Text sometimes blanked out
Fix: Spurious duplication of Markup text which sometimes appears when DrawOrder is on

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.42 - 9.3.2012

Fix: Markup Text editting may get text truncated and other wrong results (affected versions = A.33 to A.41)

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.41 - 8.3.2012

Fix: Markup Text editting may get text truncated and other wrong results

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.39 - 1.3.2012

Fix: Wipeouts in Blocks behaviour not correct

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.38 - 29.2.2012

Fix:  Setup command line /LICENSE string not working correctly when licensee name contains a comma.
If user enters an incorrect license or presses OK in registration dialog, AND the software is already correctly registered, then existing license is kept (previously would revert to unlicensed)

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.37 - 27.2.2012

Fix: Inventor sourced DWG Linewidths incorrect
Change operation of Fixed Dropdown lists in QA/QS, to always have a default item selected

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.36 - 23.2.2012

Support multiple Layouts for Inventor DWGs, in both PDF and DWF internal formats

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.34 - 21.2.2012

Give option in Preferences > Advanced to use vector internal representation for Inventor DWGs rather than PDF
(overcome Xerox print non-support for all Windows GDI functions (manifiests as arrowheads printing as rectangles for arrowheads source from Inventor DWGs as reported by Gleason)
Fix: Command Line called when CAD Viewer already open, not recognising first passed parameter (affected versions 9.A.32-33)

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.33 - 8.2.2012

Circle placement guide option for QA Sym placement
Pan is on by default (Google pan style of arrow cursor turns to a closed hand cursor when pressed ready for panning)
Coordinates Tracking active all the time (i.e. not just when in a command )
QA/QS renumber has the additional option to sort based on suffix grouping (as requested by stryker client a month or so ago.)
Fix: Text may disappear in 3d views (9.0 A.19 to A.30 affected)
Fix: Images in DWGs not loading (give error -789) (9.0 A.32 (english) only affected)

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.32 - 2.2.2012

support unicode pathnames
open design libs 3.5.1

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.30 - 9.11.2011

New QA numbering method to allow specification of either suffix or prefix to be incremented.
Fix: long attrib/text strings crashing the software.
Fix: minor bug in placing QA symbols (circle malformed during placement)
Fix: splines with large number of control points crash the software
Fix: Save a Copy for .SHP files not copying associated .SHX and .DBF
Save a Copy - Save Markup edits if any to destination folder as .CVM file

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.29 - 24.10.2011

Option to specify an 'Alternate PDF' printer driver, via settings in CADViewer.ini
- refer to 'Set an Alternate PDF Driver' in user manual
Fix:  Markup Move may randomly offset moved entities from expected placement position

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.28 - 21.10.2011

Fix: 'Bottom Left' Text alignment incorrect
Fix: HPGL drawings sometimes crashing CAD Viewer

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.27 - 05.10.2011

Expand QA attributes number to 20
Fix: Inquire Point to Point crashing

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.26 - 28.09.2011

Fix: Drawings with OLE objects unable to be changed to Black/White, indivual entities not available for Inquire, e.g. Pick up Dimensions in QA/QS
Fix: RGB colors attached to MPOLYGONS not recognised
Fix: Truecolor was not being assigned for Layer default color, hence affecting 'ByLayer' pen color
Fix: 'Name Views' shortcut not working.  Now Alt+V
Fix: License Registration would sometimes not stick
Copy CHM help files to user's TEMP folder before opening (to avoid security block when trying to open directly on network)
Entity inquiry display in backets actual AutoCAD pen color index, or RGB components in case of TrueColor in case of 'ByLayer' pen color.

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.24 - 28.07.2011

Fix error 'Attempted multiple access to user's APPDATA folder' in case where 2 legitimate anonymous users resolve to the same user name.
Add 'All Programs' menu entry to allow user to invoke 2nd instance of CAD Viewer
'All Programs >  CAD Viewer > CAD Viewer 9.0 (2)'

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.23 - 21.07.2011

Fix: Some entities sometimes not being printed - e.g. Text on Austates.dwg output to PDF only (affected versions 9.0 A.18 - 9.0 A.22)

CAD Viewer 9.0
A.22 - 20.07.2011

Fix: Some drawings not zooming to fit.

CAD Viewer 9.0
A.20 - 13.07.2011

Place option for user to select Time/Date Stamp / Watermarks print option within the user interface. Update format of Printtags definition (now stored in PRINTTAGS.INI).  Update and move Print Tags documentation into the main user manual.

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.19 - 30.06.2011

Fix: Copy to clipboard not working on Citrix
Fix: Paste Image images not showing 24/32 bit colour ranges
Fix: MLEADER 'dot' style causes crash
Fix: DWF files not reading (affected versions A.16 to A.18)
Fix: SHP files not reading (affected versions A.16 to A.18)

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.18 - 27.06.2011

Fix: PDFs, Raster images show blank screen in Backwards/Forwards opertations (Affected 9.0 A.16,9.0 A.17)

CAD Viewer 9.0
A.17 - 24.06.2011

Fix: Special characters in Inventor DWG not displaying
Fix: Solid Hatch containing arcs not displaying (9.0 A.16 affected only)

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.16 - 22.06.2011

Improved display speed (25+%)
Handle OLE objects display
Display 'Markups actual path in Inquire > Drawing Info
Fix: Inventor dwg drawings would not load, cause -148 error
Fix: User cancellation from Save Markup Edits Folder results in Markups being saved to user folder instead of being cancelled
Fix: User cancellation from Open drawing, where drawing has Markup edits saved in more than 1 folder, if user cancels selection of folder, the software loads Markups anyway
Fix: Xref Layers not matched when cache is off
Fix: Spline with very large number of vertices would cause the software to crash

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.15 - 8.04.2011

Substitute not present TTF fonts with mapping in [MapUnfoundTTF] section of DXF6.INI
Fix: 'Planar' symbol not displaying in Mech. drawing
Fix: Wrong font selection

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.14 - 31.3.2011

Command line switch (/pp=..) to select paper size

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.13 - 19.3.2011

CAD Viewer to display 'Batch' extension immediately after registration (previously needed restart)
Fix: Markup and QA were enabled in Trial version, even if user unselected them during setup

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.12a - 11.3.2011

Allow command line operations for component license
Dont loop for edit Hyperlink.
Exit edit text loop if Hyperlink is selected

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.12 - 11.03.2011

Fix: crashing on some drawings  (font related)
Fix: initial display of PDF with Markup overlay would not show all markups (required redraw)

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.11 - 09.03.2011

Markup Hyperlink implementations.
Fix: Backslash character in Markup Text truncates text

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.10 - 28.02.2011

Edit Markup Text option to change Text Height
Fix: Markup edits cause Black/White redraw to revert to color
Fix: Edit Markup/Dimension text sometimes causes color change

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.09 - 19.02.2011

Fix: Markup edits cause Black/White redraw to revert to color
Fix: Non-rectangular Viewport on Turned off Layer, or marked as invisible may cause Loop or other wrong result
Fix: Crash occurs if drawing contains a very long Block Name
Extra Hebrew fonts support.

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.07 - 14.02.2011

Get 'DrawOrder' setting from previous installed major version on first time install of a new major version
Fix: Drawoder setting causes wrong colors of dimension lines in CV QA/QS versions

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.06a - 07.02.2011

Fix: Option to retain Markup Pens in colour when drawing is toggled to black/white not remembered betwwen sessions.

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.06 - 07.02.2011

Option to retain Markup Pens in colour when drawing is toggled to black/white
Fix: discard 'bad' lastprinter setting

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.05 - 29.01.2011

Option to display/suppress Dimension Extension lines
Display hourglass during Explode Blocks
Fix: Print selection range 'Display' giving wrong result

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.04 - 25.01.2011

Print/Save option to print Markups to in colour when printing Black/White.
Fix: Text Background when saved/retrieved causes background to be displayed same color as text when in Black/White mode
Fix: QA/QS in demo mode not capturing Dimension values
Fix: Markup Text Background Pen would get set to same as text in case where QA/QS stamps present

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.03 - 24.01.2011

Fix: Markup freehand Pen not working (affected version 9.0 A.02 only)
Fix: Markup blankout not working (affected versions 9.0 A.01,A.02)
Fix: Wipeout Frames printing in wrong colour

CAD Viewer 9.0 A.02 - 20.01.2011

First Version 9.0!
Add support for HPG file association.
Fix: Print colour drawing as Black/White not working correctly
Fix: Stray '?' toolbutton in Markup flyout tools
Fix: Markup Edit Text, change of 'Border' and/or 'Background' causes anomalous results

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.48 - 29.12.2010

Fix: Saved Markup hard White being retrieved as Black
Fix: Wipeout pen not consistent

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.47 - 20.12.2010

Capture Tolerances in QA

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.46 - 17.12.2010

Make 'Arrowhead 2' the default arrow for Dimensions.
Adjust 'Arrowhead 2' to standard Architechtural arrow size
Update german text in dialogs

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.45 - 15.12.2010

Add color graphics to color selection dialogs
Fix: Markup menu items 'Delete, Move' initially greyed out upon adding Blot out and Wipe Out entities
Fix: QA Dimension Capture not working in some drawings

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.44 - 30.11.2010

Implement color background for markup text
Implement separate color specs for Markup Lines etc, Text, Text Background, Dimension Lines etc., Dimension Text, Dimension Text Background
Fix: last file not displaying as default selection in File Open dialog when last file was selected from Most Recently Used list
Fix: Add Markup Wipeout, and exit via 'x' close window. CV would not ask the user whether he/she wants to save the Markup edit.

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.43 - 6.10.2010

Enable selection of alternative QA Table within QA Settings
 - enabled in attdfef.ini via new section [Tables] which lists the Tables which may be selected
 - example in attdef_shipped.ini
Resize QA Attribs dialog to the number of defined fields
Fix: 2nd Terminal server prevented from starting CV

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.42 - 2.09.2010

Fix: Most Recently Used files list may get a rubbish entry.

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.41 - 25.08.2010

Fix: Save as TIFF subtypes greyed (German and French versions affected only)

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.40 - 24.08.2010

0-10 Most Recently Used files added to File Menu (option to confugure in Edit > Preferences > Advanced)
Add /TT0, /TT1 batch command switches (set TrueType fonts off/on for CAD SHX fonts)
Directly open a .CVM file located in same folder as its source document will open the source document
Fix: Back/Forward Arrows may cause the software to exit after a drawing has been deleted

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.39 - 20.08.2010

Allow Page Forward/Back Arrows to 'roll over' to first or last pages rather than beep that the last or first page is reached
Support Markups for ESRI shapefiles
Support Save Markups to same folder as drawing (Saved Markups have a .CVM extension)
- activate by entry in CADVIEWER.INI or CVUSER.INI
Fix: Back/Forward Arrows cause the software to exit when there are no drawings loaded.
Fix: Save Markups for a drawing that is not the current drawing may result in some Markups entities being lost

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.38 - 16.08.2010

Fix: 1:1 image display causes blank screen (affected versions 8.0 A.36-A.37)
Preserve existing ATTDEF.INI file in installations
User manual update, especially QA documentation

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.37 - 13.08.2010

Fix: Arc-aligned text not being read.

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.36 - 10.08.2010

Fix: Import Markups into a drawing with Layouts causes other Layouts to be unselectable
Import Markups - keep current view (rather than redraw zoom to fit)
Fix: Rapid toggle of Markups Layer causes CV to exit
Fix: several glitches with initial Markups Block Move implementation
Allow A-Z characters to be used for numbering of QA symbols

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.35 - 04.08.2010

Turn on Markup Layer after Import
Fix:  Software was not reading some specific DWGs containing bad data in Hatch Spline edge.

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.34 - 03.08.2010

Renumber QA option to handle point value numbers (X.x) as insertion into the list, or keep as point value in the list
Fix: Next Number in QA sequence after renumber should be just past last renumbered QA symbol
QA Block Move
Import / Export Markups to an external file
Fix: Page No. Edit control not displaying vertically centered in status bar

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.33 - 22.7.2010

Fix: MultiLeader entities not being displayed in some drawings

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.32 - 20.7.2010

Remember last Recursive explode setting.
Fix: 3D shading still not fixed
Fix: Recursive explode not working fully (affected versions A.30, A.31)

CAD Viewer 8.0
A.31 - 15.7.2010

ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) image support

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.30 - 14.7.2010

Option to prevent explode of Viewports
Fix: Tag for Draworder always being done (unnecessarily)
Fix: HPGL line widths displayed incorrectly when previous drawing in session has markups
Fix: Software hangs after attempt to render drawing without any surfaces (affected versions 8.0 A.21 to A.29)

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.29 - 03.07.2010

Remove empty blocks (which otherwise would be calculated into Zoom extents)
Combo box option for QS/QA attribute values selection. Example definition in shipped ATTDFEF.INI
Fix: Wrong Tolerance display (actually caused by incorrect font)

CAD Viewer 8.0
A.28 - 28.06.2010

User Dependant Markup Folders. 
Set up by:
 - create section [SaveEditsFolders] in CVUSER.INI (located in folder %APPDATA%\guthcad\cvXXX)
 - set entry 'Active=1' to activate the section, which defines folders for that user only
 - create section [SaveEditsFolders] in CVUSER.INI (located in folder %APPDATA%\guthcad\cvXXX)
 - set entry 'Active=1' to activate the section, which defines folders for that user only
UserFolderName=My Work Folder
Name1=Main Markups Folder
Name2=User Markups 1
Name3=User Markups 2

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.27 - 28.06.2010

Fix: Page Control not Layouts not working
Fix: AutoRotate gives woring rotation for PDF output when drawing is already rotated
Batch Command folders permissions implemented on a per-user basis

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.26 - 20.06.2010

Navagiation of DXF/DWG Drawing Tabs via Page number controls (same as PDF page navigation)
Fix: Hover over Forward Arrow when multi-page plot file loaded causes software to exit
Fix: Preference to Rotate all drawings in multi-page document not working
Fix: Load Raster Image with Markups, followed by load Plot file causes software to crash
Fix: DWF text background obscuring text
Fix: Inquire Curve/Polyline not reporting correct Linestyle

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.25 - 10.06.2010

Number of supported Views in a single drawing increased from 32 to 128
Match F6 key shortcut to German version (Explode command)

CAD Viewer 8.0
A.24 - 08.06.2010

Fix: Explode Blocks not working. Explode Blocks -> REcusive option cuases software to hang.
- affected versions 8.0 A.21 to A.23

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.23 - 07.06.2010

Auto-rotate printer orientation option

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.22 - 15.05.2010

Fix: 3d shade for plan view initially shows blank page

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.21 - 05.05.2010

Fix: Export QA/QS Attribs in A.20 not working

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.20 - 04.05.2010

Move QA syms
Fix: Markups were not saved when user did not specifically use Save Markups and instead relied on the Save Markups question when closing the drawing
Fix: PDF documents viewed in Black/White mode, when background was toggled, caused PDF document itself to also toggle

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.19 - 19.04.2010

Fix: Quit CAD Viewer with unsaved Markup Edits does not save Markup Edits
Fix: After Save and reopen QA symbol loses link to its leader (results in leader not being automatically deleted when QA symbol is deleted)
Fix: Move User Save Markup Edits folder back under user's APPDATA folder (was being put under installed folder)

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.18 - 13.04.2010

Fix: Inquire Info on XYZ file causes the software to exit
Fix: Solid Hatch containing both a spline edge and a clockwise
      circular arc edge causes the software to exit - affected versions A.16 and A.17

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.17 - 08.04.2010

Fix: software exits when a single character string with overscore encountered

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.16 - 29.03.2010

Fix: improved handling of spline hatch edges and splines
Fix: drawing with viewports crashing

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.15 - 23.03.2010

Fix: Crash reading DWG with complex solid hatch

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.14 - 22.03.2010

Fix: software crashes when reading DXF/DWG via UNC path

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.13 - 15.03.2010

Arabic/persian fonts support

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.12 - 06.03.2010

Administrator settings able to be set in user interface
 - via Edit->Preferences->Administrator Settings
 - enable/disable Print / Copy / Copy to Clipboard
 - password protected

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.11 - 05.03.2010

Allow Disable File Save to be configured on a per user basis.
Fix: Tiff drawings with multiple pages crash CV when printed.

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.08 - 16.02.2010

Fix: Map Pens option (to those defined in DXF6.INI) not working.

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.07a - 11.02.2010

Fix: Include 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)' in setup - otherwise dxf/dwg reading fails on systems where it is not already installed.

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.07 - 09.02.2010

Fix: Some DXF files would not open (symptom is hour glass would display for a couple of seconds, then nothing), affected version CV 8.0 A.06
Fix: Markers in DXF/DWG files originating from Arcv2CAD not read correctly
Fix: File Recover not working
 - also automatic file recovery not working, thus files with errors that may have been read sucessfully by previous CAD Viewer versions were not being read. Affected versions 6.0 A.04-06
Fix: Hebrew fonts not displaying correctly
Fix: Edit text and enter '%%c' special character would output degree symbol instead of phi symbol
Handle 'DOTS' Hatch Pattern internally (was slowing CV when very dense pattern present)

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.06 - 19.12.2009

Fix: drawing with missing layer '0' not read

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.05 - 18.12.2009

Fix: Zoom +/- factor on drawing that was loaded 1:1 causes zoom in/out continuously

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.04 - 05.12.2009

Fix: Sales email link would giving wrong subject line

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.03 - 11.11.2009

Option for user to select PDF Vector Renderer as the print method for PDF drawings (smaller and better quaility output)
Fix: print single page of multiple page PDF causes the drawing to be unable to be zoomed after the print has completed

CAD Viewer 8.0 A.02 - 06.11.2009

First CAD Viewer 8!
AutoCAD 2011 support
Support Markup Saving in HPGL drawings
Fix: Multipage PDF document containing different size pages not zooming/printing correctly

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.44 - 21.10.2009

Fix: TTF Fonts sometimes incorrectly scaled (affected versions 7.0 A.40-43)
Fix: Save As PDF of PDF drawing with Markups sometimes produces blank/missing output
Fix: Circle diameter character sometimes not handled correctly

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.43 - 12.10.2009

Fix: Disable 'Go To' page menus when no pages present (would cause CAD software to exit)

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.42 - 08.10.2009

Multi-page PDF support
Fix: Markup Edits folder may be undefined
Fix: Command line batch print would only print the first drawing (affected versions A.35 to A.40)

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.40 - 04.09.2009

Fix:  Print 'All Drawings' would cause CAD Viewer to quit at the end of the print run.
CAD Viewer's TrueType Text toggle changed to display TrueType text at the exact same width as the underlying SHX font . (Previously would display width dependant on the character widths of the particular mapped TrueType font)
Note:  CAD Viewer's TrueType text toggle can be used to produce editable text in output to PDF documents, i.e. in the case where the AutoCAD drawing contains SHX fonts which do not otherwise produce editable text in PDFs.

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.39 - 31.08.2009

Fix: QS/QA edits not able to be re-editted in PDF drawings (affected version 7.0 A.38 only)
Fix: CAD files sourced from Points shapefile via Arcv2CAD did not show points.
Put note in Expiry dialog about using 'Run As Administrator' in case where Trial period is not activated (shows as 0 days and 0 runs left the first time the user starts the software)

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.38 - 25.08.2009

Fix: Command line switch /PDF[n] (save/conversion to PDF), [n] options not operating as described in the user manual
Simplify /PDF[n] switch options.
Implement Alternate Markup Edits Save folders.
- Instructions in User Manual chapter Advanced Topics-->How to create multiple folders for Saving Markup Edits

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.36 - 29.07.2009

Fix: %%U control text was literally displaying the 'U' at the start of an underline when the underline text was 1 character long

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.35 - 24.07.2009

Drawing size limits increased from 4m --> 20m entities.
Markups in Layouts now able to be saved.
Accept commas in scale input.
Fix: Attribs attached to Insert block whose Layer is both Off and Frozen should not display even if the Attribs Layer is On.
Fix: Rotated Wipeout not rotated
Fix: QS/QA Dimension Capture not deactivated when option is unselected in QS/QA Settings
Fix: QS/QA Dimension Capture was deactivated when load a 2nd drawing
Fix: Markups not displaying on correct page in a multi-page raster image

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.33 - 26.05.2009

Visual point highlightling when selecting Measurment Calibration points from drawing.

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.32 - 25.05.2009

Fix: Edit of Markup/Measurement Text overlaid on PDF document causes PDF Document to temporarily disappear (until a redraw) - happens only when DrawOrder option is on.
Fix: Edit of Markup/Measurement Text overlaid on PDF would sometimes change pen to white

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.30 - 14.05.2009

Inquiry commands - improved points display
Added Measurement commands: Dimension, Horizontal Dimension, Vertical Dimension
Measurement commands - made snapping to existing drawing points the default mode for vector drawings.
Measurement functions moved to separate main menu
QS beta Capture dimension values
Fix: Leader arrows not being displayed
Fix: Command line print switch would print current drawing when user has CAD Viewer
window already open, instead of passed filename to print.

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.28 - 15.04.2009

Support for DRAWORDER. Note that DrawOrder is off by default as shipped. Turn on via 'Edit --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Enable DrawOrder'

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.27 - 29.03.2009

Add switch on standard exe installations to disable Markup and QA/QS trial versions availability ( /ALLOW_TRIALS=n where n=0,1)

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.26 - 26.03.2009

Allow previous major version(s) to run at the same time as current version
Add switches on standard exe installations for individual file association settings (e.g. /ASSOC_TIF=0 prevents file association to TIF)

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.25 - 25.03.2009

Fix: Shapefile reading was broken
Fix: Random text appear on drawings (caused by blank attributes)

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.24 - 25.03.2009

More work on improved error handling / automatic recovery of drawings with errors
Fix: 'Recover' command was not working
Fix: MLeaders were not being read (affected A.23 only)

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.23 - 23.03.2009

Improved error trapping.
Comprehensive error code returns from software when called by another application

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.22 - 16.03.2009

Fix: Save of PDF document with markups, put markups in wrong place
Fix: Save of Raster Image with large DPI causes non fit to page
Fix: PDF document which is rotated, and contains a raster image, raster image would print as blank
Fix: Print of PDF document with markups to a new PDF may be black
Stop very high DPI selection for raster printouts, which would otherwise take a very long time to print.

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.19a - 27.02.2009

Fix: /zq switch not working for some DWGs, not working for PDF and raster
Fix: Markup/QA menus not showing on trial version, and not activated by 'Acvitate Trial' buttons (affected version A.18)

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.18 - 22.02.2009

/zq=n command line switch zooms to location of QA/QS symbl with number 'n'

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.17 - 15.02.2009

Fix: unactivated QS trial would not activate (A.16 affected only)
Display Batch Command status in Extensions dialog

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.16 - 13.02.2009

New setting in CADVIEWER.INI sets a fixed default line weight for PDF output
where n = -1,0,1,2,3 which correspond to lineweights 0.25,0.5,1.0,2.0,4.0
comment out, or set to -99 to have CV ignore the setting
Fix: QS version crashing if drawing contains large number of attributes
Fix: Trial software was not starting with QS/Markup initially enabled

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.15 - 05.02.2009

Ship updated pcxview.dll (does not require gdiplus.dll)
Add 'Rotate' and 'Printer' options to PRINTCMD.INI
- 'Rotate' allows 90,180,270 degree rotation of drawings prior to dispatching to the printer
- 'Printer' allows the printer to be specified in PRINTCMD.INI rather than via /PR command line switch

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.14a - 02.02.2009

'Save as PDF' menu item and shortcut
' Email PDF' menu item and shortcut
Fix: missing configuration in setup causing shapefiles not to be read
Fix: trial version expiring immediately on some Vista

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.13 - 19.01.2009

Fix: XCLIP not working for copied/moved blocks.

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.12 - 12.01.2009

XCLIP support
Fix: QA attributes entered as blank, upon new QA symbol placement, causes symbol placement to be cancelled.
Fix: Anomalous display of newly added QA/Markup entities when Markup layer has been turned off

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.11 - 06.01.2009

'Export Vertices' option for Polylines / Lines / Curves / Surfaces
Fix: 'Inquire Drawing Info' when no drawings are open would cause CV to quit
Fix: Drawing with long Dimension Block name causes CV to crash
Fix: Upside Down and Upside Down Mirrored text not displaying correctly for TrueType fonts
Fix: QA/QS number becomes invisible under rare circumstance

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.10 - 01.01.2009

Fix: Hatching may be missing (7.0 A.09 only)

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.09 - 31.12.2008

Uncover measurement hatch text area as alternative option to blank text area
Fix: Measurement Area Hatch may lose its Pen color on save and retrieve
Fix: command line print causes CV to hang if file does not exist
Fix: multi-page raster document zoom to fit incorrect when markups present
Fix: zoom 1:1 image incorrect when markups present (7.0 A.08 affected only)
Fix: Black pen may display as white on PDF document

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.08 - 19.12.2008

Tidy up print of rotated drawings to PDF /and Save as Raster
Rotated raster image - SAVE to PDF (w and wo markup) - ok
Rotated raster image - PRINT to PDF (w and wo markup) - ok
Measurement - Calibrate from drawing points changed to not use 'snap to point' as default when drawing is a raster image or PDF documnet
Measurement - Store/recall settings for drawings that have had measurments added to them (Stored during Save Markup Edits, and Recalled when the user next opens the drawing)

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.07 - 27.11.2008

QA/QS attributes not recognized with PDF and Images files after save and re-open

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.06 - 25.11.2008

Ship correct measure.ini file (7.0 A.05 affected only)
Fix: Markups added to rotated PDF pages, would be saved unrotated.
Print window support for PDF documents
Print support for rotated PDF documents
Option to turn off Header Line in exported QA/QS attributes

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.05 - 23.11.2008

Text with width scaling may display at the wrong width (v 7.0 beta versions A.01 to A.04 affected only)
Specfiying a rectangle with the cursor, i.e. for copying to the clipboard, or Save Image, or Measure Rectangle, would not act correctly if the final point of the rectangle is specified by snapping to an existing point using SHIFT KEY or middle mouse button
Some grey pens not consistent with autocad
Black/White pen on PDF documents was invisible when the CV background was black
Drawings in a rotated view would add QA/QS number symbol rotated instead of horizontal
Support PDF rotation

CAD Viewer 7.0 A.01 Beta - 13 Oct 2008

Support for PDF document Viewing and Markup
Unicode text support
RGB palette support
Area and Distance Measurement tools

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.47 - 19 Oct 2008

Fix: blank printout

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.46 - 14 Oct 2008

Fix: AutoCAD Pen 255 was printing black instead of white
Fix: Text invisibility flag was being ignored

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.45b - 11 Oct 2008

Wipeout, and Markup Blank background showing current Markup Pen color, instead of the background color.
(Affected versions A.45, A.45a only)

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.45a - 10 Oct 2008

PRINTCMD.INI was shipping with section wrongly named [PrintCmd] instead of [Print]
/PCONFIG command was not storing PrintAllLayouts setting

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.45 - 7 Oct 2008

Support for Inventor DWGs
Fix cross hairs, white/black text, or lines, may become invisible after toggle screen background color. Affected versions 6.0 A.43/A.44.
Fix DWF not working
Update to open design libs 2.6.3

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.44 - 29 Sep 2008

True Color support

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.42 - 19 Sep 2008

Fix: AutoCAD 2008/2009 MTEXT would display spurious formatting characters (actually internal formatting characters, e.g. Z_P_Xqc; etc) and also the formatting that should have resulted would be lost.

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.41 - 17 Sep 2008

Fix: QS attributes would become uneditable and produce wrong Attributes Export file output. (The error occurs in the situation where 2 or more drawings are open at the same time and the drawing with QS edits are saved after switching back and forward between the 2 open drawings.)

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.40 - 09 Sep 2008

Fix: some MTEXT formatting incorrect

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.39a - 27 Aug 2008

Fix: Zoom to dot on some drawings.
Fix: Early AutoCAD drawings (e.g. Rel 10 and prior) not being read if the drawing is very small

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.38 - 24 Aug 2008

Fix: Starting CAD Viewer while it is already running leaves MUTEX copies of itself in memory
- shows as remaining processes in Task Manager even though CAD Viewer has been exitted.
- symptom is starting CAD Viewer again nothing happens, requiring the running processes to be terminated in Task Manager

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.37 - 19 Aug 2008

Command line ability to include Model Space in Print All Layouts.
- To enable use PrintAllLayouts=2 in PRINTCMD.INI
Fix: Trial may expire immediately when installed on Vista SP1

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.36 - 14 Aug 2008

Fix: Save image with overlaying Markup or QA - not saving
Fix: Save image with overlaying Markup or QA may not save with markup pen color
Fix: Pan of .BMP images (affected version A.35 only)
Fix: Print All Layouts not working for command line printing
Fix: Markup Pen may have wrong color
Fix: Print option 'Black (no Gray Shades)' may cause crash

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.35 - 8 Aug 2008

Fix display of images with rotated view perspectives

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.34a - 29 July 2008

Shipped version of dwfcore.dll may cause error message 'missing MSVCRTD.dll'. Affected version CAD Viewer 6.0 A.34. (Note: CAD Viewer will still display '6.0 A.34' rather than '6.0 A.34a'. This is because the exe has not changed, only a different dwfcore.dll has been shipped in the download. Just make sure the download install file ends '34a.exe' or '34ade.exe')

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.34 - 27 July 2008

Dynamic zoom cursor position may not stay in center of viewer window.

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.33 - 17 July 2008

Option to choose comma or semicolon as QS/QA Attributes Export separator.
Fix QA/QS attributes problem, loses numbers when saved and restored.
Fix export QA/QS Attributes may include anomalies.

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.32 - 14 July 2008

More work on UCS coordinates - display axes and coordinates in UCS coordinates.

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.31 - 12 July 2008

Fix: Introduced bug in handling of UCS in Layout viewport, may result in wrong positioning, affected version 6.0 A.30

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.30 - 8 July 2008

Fix: Command Line Zoom not taking account of USC origin

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.29 - 27 June 2008

Fix: CAD Viewer hanging when reading HPGL plot file containing unquoted message (MG command)

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.28 - 27 June 2008

Remember Touchup changes between Back/Forward
Take account of embedded TrueColor color in MTEXT
Fix: Software may hang if viewport has frozen Layers. Affected version 6.0 A.27b

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.27b - 22 June 2008

Fix: Software may crash on print selection
Vista icons
Update network server installation and client installer

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.26 - 28 April 2008

Turned on image frame in Model Space would be turned off in inserted Paperspace viewport.
Images in Model Space that are viewed in a viewport in PaperSpace would be in the wrong place or not visible.

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.25 - 26 April 2008

Fix: CAD Viewer may crash or abort when reading drawings containing Viewports, with or with the message:
"Corrupt Reference Symbol data. CAD Viewer terminating (code = 2)"
Affected versions 6.0 A.24, 6.0 A.24a.

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.24a - 22 April 2008

QA Export Attributes.
QA reload or re-edit drawing may not work (attributes not remembered)
Remember additional QA defaults.
Save drawing as Jpg was being output as grayscale instead of color
Software would quit if spline curve has large number of control points

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.22 - 8 April 2008

Fix: Open of TIF with saved QA Edits would cause the software to crash (affected versions ~ 6.0 A.09 through 6.0 A.21)
Fix: QA single digit numbers would not appear on first additions (affected version 6.0 A.21 only.)

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.21 - 7 April 2008

New: QA output keep QA num to QA parent symbol link between sessions
New: QA number will resize to fit within symbol (use QA Edit to change)
Fix MTEXT reading may occasionally cause crash (affected versions 6.0 A.12 through 6.0 A.20a)

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.20a - 28 March 2008

Fix introduced bug in 6.0 A.19, Markup text being added in White/Black instead of selected color.
Fix read back of stored QS symbols may cause crash. (Affected versions A.18 to A.20)

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.20 - 28 March 2008

Fixed: On Vista, multiple file selection would fail with error message "File not found (1), Please verify that the correct name was given".

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.19 - 27 March 2008

New: Handle MEXT inline change of color.
Fix introduced bug in A.17, tolerance/display scale incorrect on back/forward, would cause text to be replaced by a box at large scales, whereas it should only happen at small scales
Fix introduced bug in A.18, toggle TTF text button toggle may cause unpredictable behaviour
Fix some linetypes with symbols not displaying correctly (old bug going back to initial CV 5.0)

CAD Viewer 6.0 A.18 - 25 March 2008

New: Implement backwards (mirrored) display of True Type text.
New: Implement width scaling of True Type text.
New: Enter 'Extend' in the 'Licensed to' edit control to get a 14 day trial extension of the trial software. For already licensed CAD Viewer, enter 'Extend' in the 'Licensed to' edit control to get a trial extension of the CAD Viewer Markup functions.
Fixed: Some True Type text fonts were slightly the wrong height (6.0 A.16,17 only.)

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