SHXConvert 5.0 Features


 • Input all AutoCAD DXF/DWG versions to AutoCAD 2019.
 • Translate AutoCAD-86 shapes 1.0, 1.1, Bigfont, Extended Bigfont, and Unifont 1.0 formats.
 • Compile AutoCAD Shape/Font files outside of AutoCAD
 • Decompile existing shape/font files.
 • Fully commented SHP source (as part of SHX decompile) lets you easily undestand those cryptic codes!
 • Convert individual .SHX files to equivalent DXF format files.
 • Replace all references to .SHX SHAPES and/or TEXT fonts in a DXF file with BLOCK geometry. (The relevant .SHX files must of course be present for such translation to occur).
 • In short the software performs a global Shape to Block conversion. Useful where the end-application does not have native support for .SHX shapes or fonts (e.g. Revit)
 • Optionally preserve Arcs in shapes as actual arcs, i.e. not converted to a series of small lines. This gives a more accurate result. It is also suited to CAM and CNC cutting machines.
 • Handle Sub-shapes.
 • Explode SHP/SHX to a simple vectors (.DAT file.)
 • Explode all text inside a DXF file into component geometry, i.e. lines and arcs.
 • Allow you to send out DXF/DWG files to clients without the need to send the relevant .SHX files.

New in version 4.0

 • Read support for all AutoCAD DXF and DWG drawings up to AutoCAD 2019.
 • Explode output text option (rather than keep the geometry within BLOCK entities)
 • Support for MTEXT and TABLE entities.
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