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CAD2Shape 7.0


revision history

This page contains a running record of changes and/or bug fixes to the CAD2Shape software. The software is being updated on a regular basis and the latest software may be downloaded from the CAD2Shape download page.


List order is newest (at the top) to oldest (at the bottom.)
(Date format 

Accumulated changes CAD2Shape 6.0 to CAD2Shape 7.0

Updated 12.02.2014 (CAD2Shape 7.0 A.03)

Allow blank Date in user attribute.
fix: User defined attributes table containing value lists not being read correctly.
New predefined variable <%TODAY%> outputs date in format YYYYMMDD format corresponding to dBase III Date field format.
Modify Time/Date specifiers slightly (see user manual)
'Date' field for User Attributes
AutoCAD 2015 support
Remove false error message that coordinates are outside projection if user has applied a coordinates offset
Middle aligned text slightly out as compared to AutoCAD
include C# DLL example
Support UK National Grid system (OSGB36) to UTM WGS84
Support UK National Grid system (OSGB36) to Lat/Long WGS84
Option to preserve colors and other properties inside of blocks (by exploding blocks that need to be in order to do this)
fix: blank font name may cause crash
fix: batch mode wrongly indicating duplicate field names
Updated help
Add Projection switches /CSPROJ, /CSUNITS, /UTMZONE
Implement /DEF command line switch
fix: Command line mode remains in demo mode
fix: Sofware should ignore HATCH fills when FILLMODE = 0
Move number of arc segments setting into 'Settings' dialog.
fix: Settings in 'Settings' dialog not being remembered
Avoid confusion re 2 cad2shape.ini files by:
Rename %APPDATA%\guthcad\cs6.0\cad2shape.ini to %APPDATA%\guthcad\cs6.0\csuser.ini
fix: /AE command line switch not working for CSV/XYZ output files.
fix: not reporting an error when trying to read Autocad 2013 dwg, and instead using previous temporary file.
Add [IgnoreAppidsList] section to cad2shape.ini
- section to list not very useful appids that cad2shape should ignore
- user may add entries
fix: some legit XDATA fields not showing
fix: memory leaks
fix: software may produce an incomplete .DBF file unless at least 1 Standard Attribute or 1 User Attribute field is defined.
Move user ini files and defs to %APPDATA%\GuthCAD folder
- also allows server setup
Code-signed version
Predefined Variable <%TIME<format>%> for output of time/date of translation
Software applies last User Defined Attributes settings, and also by shape type.
Save .UDF FILENAME, TABLE and FIELDS used in translation in .DEF file
Save last loaded .UDF FILENAME to cad2shape.ini
Predefined Variables <%DRAWINGNAME%> and <%FULLPATHNAME%>
Store separate default Attribute settings for each of the general shapefile types Point, Polyline, Polygon, Multipatch, Text
fix: Memory leak when processing to polygon shapefile may cause the software to exit or crash
fix: Software was hanging for 'Point' annotation translation for some dwgs.
fix: Prompt dialog for user defined attribute values was being displayed even though setting in UDF file is prompt=0
fix: Prompt dialog for user defined attribute values was being displayed even though setting in UDF file is prompt=0
fix: xdata attribute field name change not recognised in current translation
fix: xdata attribute field name change displaying with trailing ellipsis in listview
Add 'sample data value' column into xdata listview control
fix: for xdata application PE_URL, if the XDATA format is physically selected by the user, the Xdata fields would disappear from the Listview control
fix: if drawing has data for both PE_URL and some other XDATA format, the 'XDATA Format' dropdown selection is not updated when the 'Application' selection is changed
fix: xdata attribute field name incorrect for new file with xdata unselected (showing field name from previous translation)
Option to output single triangle and 2 triangle Multipatch 'Strips' for 3 and 4 sided data respectively
fix: non-left text alignments incorrect for polyline text output
Remove config option 'backconvert'
fix: 'Coordinates Offset' not applied to polyline text output
fix: 'Output in UCS Coordinates' not applied to polyline text output
Export Text Point option, export coordinates of logical 'insertion' point (rather than AutoCAD's terminology 'insertion' point)
Overcome MS restriction to reading Windows HTML Help file over a network
fix: get rid of annoying behaviour of the Help window going being the CAD2Shape window
Implement Save/Load of User Defined Attributes definition files (.udf)
Disable 'Save Table' when 'Output User Defined Attributes' is not selected.
Command line switches to support user defined attributes /UDA=udf_pathname /UDAT=table
fix: software may crash running in command line mode
fix: c2sbatch.ini vars may get over-written in command line mode
fix: user defined Attribute names not being acknowledged

CAD2Shape 6.0 A.01 04-04-11

First verison 6.0
support AutoCAD 2012
expanded main dialog

CAD2Shape 5.0 A.09 03-03-11

Error text message associated with too many decimal places for XYZ output, not displaying

CAD2Shape 5.0 A.08 27-10-10

Update trial expiry key

CAD2Shape 5.0 A.07 12-10-10

Tidy up User defined attributes defintion glitches
Link a version of CAD2Shape DLL (was missing last few updates)

CAD2Shape 5.0 A.06 07-10-10

expand User defined attributes to include dependant dropdown lists

CAD2Shape 5.0 A.05 24-09-10

expand User defined attributes to include user selection from dropdown lists

CAD2Shape 5.0 A.04 21-09-10

expand User defined attributes

CAD2Shape 5.0 A.03 30-08-10

Fix:  Software may crash when double points checking activated

CAD2Shape 5.0 A.02 09-06-10

Fix: Software crash in batch mode when processing multiple files

CAD2Shape 5.0 A.01 06-06-10

Official 2010 support
Enhancments to XDATA
PE_URL fix
Fix: Lat/Long Attributes being output for non - point entities

CAD2Shape 4.0 A.24 2-05-10

Fix: XData field data being truncated at 14 characters

CAD2Shape 4.0 A.23 27-03-10

(much) improved handling of spline curves

CAD2Shape 4.0 A.22 24-03-10

Text Labels not working on some user drawings

CAD2Shape 4.0 A.21 18-03-10

Fix / Update DLL c2s_info functions
Include VC 9 redistributable in setup

CAD2Shape 4.0 A.20 - 04.12.2009

Fix: Horizontal and Vertical Text alignment settings in DXF/DWG were being ignored

CAD2Shape 4.0 A.19 - 25.11.2009

Fix: Viewer entry in cad2shape.ini not recognized in Batch Mode
Fix: /AN and /AD switches causing crash

CAD2Shape 4.0 A.18 - 20.08.2009

Fix: Viewer entry in cad2shape.ini not recognized in Batch Mode
Fix: /AN and /AD switches causing crash

CAD2Shape 4.0 A.17 - 24.04.2009

New: defaultfont was only supporting standard fonts packaged with CAD2Shape, expand to support user defined font. Path is relative to SHXCONV.INI.


CAD2Shape 4.0 A.16 - 22.04.2009

Fix: /SHP switch setting being ignored when used together with /XYZ switch

CAD2Shape 4.0 A.15 - 12.03.2009

Fix: incorrect explode of Polyline where last segment is an arc (extra arc would get appended.)

CAD2Shape 4.0 A.12 - 16.09.2009

Fixed introduced bug in A.11 - Acad versions 2004 up may give "corrupt drawing or unsupported AutoCAD version" message.

CAD2Shape 4.0 A.11 - 12.09.2009

New: "BackConvert" ini var to give possible workaround for crashing. Refer to user manual for info.

End Revsion History (History restarted 12 September 2008)



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