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Arcv2CAD 7.0

revision history

This page contains a running record of changes and/or bug fixes to the Arcv2CAD software. The software is being updated on a regular basis, and the latest software may be downloaded from the Arcv2CAD download page. 


List order is newest (at the top) to oldest (at the bottom.)
Date format is

Accumulated changes Arcv2CAD 6.0 to 7.0

Updated 22.02.2015 (Arcv2CAD 7.0 A.02)

Pick up notepad.exe for displaying .LOG file
Implement /EVA and /EVT text labels elevation command switches
If specfied viewer application in a2c25.ini fails, use file association rather than put up message to change the a2c25.ini entry.
Update output location of log file (a2c32.log) to user's appdata path.
Fix: Projection Units output always outputting 'Meters'
AutoCAD 2015 support
Region filter for PolyGonZ shapes
Fix:output to R14 DXF crashing
Additional error checks for wrong number of shapefile records (i.e. mismatch between DBF and shx)
Fix: Block output of Polygon outlines outputting as pen 7, instead of feature color
Fix: Previous version outputs wrong Z values for PolylineZ shapefiles
Fix: output of extruded surfaces (putting out unneeded surfaces for '0' height extrudes)
Option to delete color ranges
Fix: Software may crash/exit when list files / dbf files are open in Excel
Fix: memory leaks (some memory leaks still coming from old opendwg lib 'odvm_malloc')
Option to output any selected single tile in Region filter
Fix: CSV output 'type 3 - ID,XY(Z)' was outputting wrong values in the 'ID' field.
Allow better server setup
Move configuration to per user:
- create ac_blocks.dwg temp file to user %appdata%\guthcad\ac6.0 folder (instead of the same folder as the template.dwg)
- move user files and defs to %APPDATA%\GuthCAD\AC6.0
- Inifile = %APPDATA%\GuthCAD\AC6.0\A2C25.ini
- ServerInifile = %INSTFOLDER%\A2C25.ini
Combine a2c25.ini+Colors.ini+Styles0.ini --> A2C25.INI
Code-sign the software
Tidy up read shapefiles from personal geodatabase
List data values by double click in Attribs field listings
List data values by right clicking in Text Labels selection listbox, via popup menu
Give examples for Prefix/Suffix + document in manual
Read shapefiles from personal geodatabase
Fix: CSV error, not handling empty fields correctly
Allow /X and /H switches with /COMBINE switch
Do not require 'OverrideZ=1' setting in A2C25.INI for Batch/DLL command line operation of Z to be gotten from 'Elevation' values i.e. /EN= or /E= switches
/COMBINE switch implments combine DXF/DWG files on the command line
Fix: Drawings Combine 'Append/Overwrite' dialog ignoring 'Cancel'
Replace 'Ok'/'Cancel' buttons in 'Combine DXF/DWG files' dialog with 'Close'
Bigger 'View Output' button
Add new translations for session into 'Combine DXF/DWG files' dialog ready for combine operation
Remember last 'Combine DXF/DWG files' selection
Update user manual to document 'Combine DXF/DWG files' option
Set AutoCAD iuser system vars to distinguish between 'simple point' output from Arcv2CAD and other output
Fix: XData not being attached to extruded entities
Fix: Projection wrong for extruded entities with normal attributes
Fix: Extruded object with hole wrong output
Determine whether input CSV is using comma or semicolon separator
Give CSV output separator option to select semi-colon
BLN output wrong for Polygons
Fix: Trailing 0 length segment being output for hatches (benign)
Fix: CSV feature colors not working
Make Insertion point of Multipatch blocks at the xyz min coordinates of the part (previously was at 0,0,0 and various)
Options to output Multipatch parts as Blocks:
[Arcv2CAD] (section in A2C25.ini)
MultiPatchOutputAsBlocks=1 (default)
0==output as Blocks only when Normal Attributes attached
1==output as Blocks always
2==output as Blocks when Normal or Xdata Attributes attached
Fix: AutoCAD 2010 not showing in list of output formats in 'Save As' dialog.
Complete RGB support
Overcome MS restriction to reading Windows HTML Help file over a network
Get rid of annoying behaviour of the Help window going behind the Arcv2CAD window
True support for RGB (rather than match to nearest Autocad pen)
Fix: Large Point shapefiles conversion to AutoCAD Release 14 or below failing
Make AutoCAD 2000 the default output version in shipped software
Accept Batch Command files composed in Unix text format (previously only PC text format)
Fix: Justification of Text output by itself was being affected by the current marker size
Fix: test-numeric could return false positive for character strings containing all digits and non-leading + or -
X,Y Coordinates Offset Option
Move Simple X/Y Scaling Factor values settings within the user interface.

Arcv2CAD 6.0 A.01 - 01.04.2011

First version 6.0
Support AutoCAD 2010-2012

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.71 - 20.03.2011

improved error reporting
updated DCDLL (new key)
Large file translations (with > 32000 blocks) giving spurious error message

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.70 - 19.11.2010

New: Combine/Append DXF/DWG files to a single file
Fix: move text label fields up and down, and also delete using delete key not working
Fix: Fields technically 'C' character, but actually contained purely numberic data, were being prevented from being used as RGB fields.
Fix: Text color setting 'Match Shape Pen Color' ignored when color is RGB setting
Fix: Position of Center aligned text lables not quite correct
Fix: Output Text by itself does not succeed gives error message 'Unresolved Layer'
New: Remove reliance on VC9 libs on enduser machine

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.69 - 22.05.2010

Alignment position option for Attribs attachment should not offer the option to have multiple labels along a polyline as 'Text labels' do
(Option was visible but setting ignored.)

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.67 - 06.11.2009

User setting in A2C25.ini AttribsInfoBlockName=
And corresponding /AIN command line switch

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.66 - 23.10.2009

For Polyline Shapes: Place insertion point (for info blocks and regular blocks) at midpoint of longest polyline part.
For Polygon Shapes: Place insertion point (for info blocks and regular blocks) at centroid of largest polygon part.

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.65 - 17.09.2009

Fix: Field order specified by command line switches /DX /DY not being acknowledged

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.64 - 9.09.2009

Fix: Command siwtch /DID[N] for CSV input files for being recognised.
Flag output CAD files as produced by Arcv2CAD (USERI2 header value set to 733, and USERI3 set to shapefile type number)

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.63 - 1.08.2009

Fix: Command line switch /SPZ=-1 (let Arcv2CAD set projection zone) was being ignored
Fix: Projection switches being ignored for DLL

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.62 - 28.06.2009

/ANN switch may cause crash
Output CAD files with > 32K number of BLOCKs for all shapefile types (previously only being handled from Point shapefiles)

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.61 - 19.06.2009

Fix free memory bug (causes developer Arcv2CAD DLL to crash when calling app uses SmartHeap)

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.59 - 08.05.2009

Group translation for UTM Zones was giving correct result for first file only
switch /SPXY=x,y switch was not implemented
switch /C0=r,g,b switch was not implemented
switch /C1=r,g,b switch was not implemented

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.58 - 23.04.2009

csv translation errors:
- 2nd and subsequent translations empty
- polyline first points missed
- fileds setting not remembered
- only XYZ extension recognised for some operations
Keep checkmark on when user selects 'Use current region extents for other translations during this session.'
Don't output region boundary for csv files

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.55 - 30.01.2009

/XRUN to fix Vista registration and trial problems
Implement Tiling for Polyline and Polygon types

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.54 - 23.11.2008

Fix: Minor bug introduced in A.53 - default elevation key not selected

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.53 - 12.11.2008

Fix: User defined blocks not being recognised in batch command file.

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.52 - 10.11.2008

Fix further batch processing problem as reported by user
better handle default text and marker heights in batch processing

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.51 - 08.11.2008

Fix further batch processing problem as reported by user
Speed up processing within the user interface for very large files

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.50 - 02.11.2008

Fix batch processing problems as reported by user
For Arcv2CAD DLL Combine a2c25.ini+Colors.ini+Styles0.ini+Markers.ini --> A2CDLL.INI

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.49 - 23.10.2008

Fix: Command line RGB flag switches /C0=-1 and /C1=-1 were not implemented

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.48 - 19.09.2008

Fix problem 'Error 232: Attempt to insert non-existant block'
- occurs when batch file contains several shapefiles to be output to a single dwg, and a DWG Block Templates drawing is being used.

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.47 - 18.09.2008

Fix incorrect settings output switches, /AXNn=, and /PB=
Include sample_markers.dwg template example

Arcv2CAD 5.0 A.46 - 12.09.2008

Fix Hatch not being output when projection is on, except for solid.
Output Hatches with 'Continuous' linetype rather than byLayer (Hatches should always be as defined)

End Revsion History (History restarted 12 September 2008)



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