Feature Attributes Filter dialog box

Feature Attributes - Specification

The 'Specify' button next to the Feature Attributes checkbox, displays the 'Feature Attributes Filter' dialog. This is where you select the Attribute Fields that you want to be translated, as well as the type of Attributes translation.

Fields to Translate

You may require only a subset of the total Attributes fields in the shapefile, and this is a primary purpose of this dialog box. The list on the left hand side of the dialog entitled 'Feature Attribute Fields' gives the complete list of fields for the Shapefile. The list box on the right entitled 'Fields to Translate' is where you place those fields that you want translated. Items are added to the 'Fields to Translate' list box by first selecting them in the left hand list by clicking on them, and then by using the Arrow button to move them to the 'Fields to Translate' list.