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guthrie CAD Markup 2017 - AutoCADĀ® Markup | PDF Markup software

Mark up drawings | markup viewer | Markup drawings- CAD Markup 2017
Now with AutoCAD® 2017 support!

CAD Markup 2017 adds AutoCAD markup and PDF markup capabilities to CAD Viewer 2017. CAD and PDF drawings may be overlaid with text notes and other red-lining elements such as lines, boxes, circles, arrows, dimensions and area calculations, as well as images, and a user defined 'checked' stamp. The drawing along with corrections or highlighted areas may be printed, saved to a PDF document, or saved to a raster image format. The source drawing remains untouched by the markup operations.

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Markup & Measure

"I have enjoyed your product for many years - compared to other viewers we have seen and used
- your product's functionality has served me well. "
Paul Hayward , Synthane Taylor Canada

CAD Markup 2017 features include:

  • AutoCAD 2017 support NEW
  • Microstation DGN (v7-v8i) support NEW
  • User-defined 'Time/Date' / 'Checked by' stamp NEW
  • Color changer NEW
  • Circle option NEW
  • Option to directly embed Markups to source DXF/DWG drawings NEW
  • Markup all AutoCAD DXF and DWG drawings up to AutoCAD 2017 NEW
  • Insert Images NEW
  • Markup multiple page PDF drawings
  • Markup all supported raster image drawings
  • Markup HPGL drawings
  • Configure shared Markups storage folders for team collaboration
  • Add Markup Text
  • Add Dimensions -  Aligned, Horizonal, and Vertical
  • Overlay user defined Area and Polyline Length Measurements
  • Add Lines, Boxes, Arrows
  • Store Markup Edits for later use
  • Set alternate folders for Markup Edits
  • Blank out (hide) portions of the drawing
  • Markup Layer toggle allows Markups to displayed or turned off
  • Add Markups with Hyperlinks
  • Import/Export Markups
  • Set Styles for Dimensions, Markups
  • Keep Markups in color when drawing is toggled to Black/White NEW

CAD Markup 2017 also includes all standard CAD Viewer 2017 features such as:

  • Intuitive User Interface - anyone can use it
  • View and print all AutoCAD DXF and DWG drawings up to AutoCAD 2017 NEW
  • View and print Microstation DGN (v7-v8i) drawings NEW
  • Save to PDF
  • Convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, DGN to PDF, HPGL to PDF, etc
  • Drawings may be saved as individual PDFs, or output as a single combined PDF 'book'
  • Save to BMP, JPG, TIF, CAL, GIF, PNG raster formats
  • View Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) images  NEW
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Browser style Forward/Back buttons allow multiple (up to 1000) drawings to be loaded simultaneously.
  • Inquire on coordinates, point to point distance, line length, entity properties
  • Auto-rotate printed pages for best fit
  • Apply Layer changes directly in Layers Manager dialog NEW
  • Hold and Drag Pan method
  • Layers Control, including Named Layer States
  • 3D pre-defined and user defined Views
  • Can be called by other applications as a window for Viewing and/or Printing CAD drawings.
  • Free upgrades for 12 months
  • Enquire on Attributes attached to entities, Xdata supported.
  • Read BMP, CAL, GIF, GP4, JPEG, PNG, TIFF raster formats.
  • Save to PDF
  • View ESRI shapefiles
  • Read HPGL, HP-GL/2 (.PLT) plotter formats
  • Read DWF (Drawing Web Format)
  • TrueType fonts mapping
  • 3D Shade / Render
  • Can be used for 'slide show' presentations.
  • Inquire on individual entities - export coordinates / vertices
  • Thicken printed line widths
  • High quality print output
  • Print to Exact Scale
  • Print single or multiple drawings via the command line with no limit on the number of drawings to print (requires Batch Command extension)
  • Reads Xrefs
  • Paper Space / Model Space toggle
  • Layouts support
  • View, print, save, convert via the command line.
  • Supports Viewports
  • Multiple drawings selection via File Open or Windows Explorer
  • Direct read of ZIP files
  • Text Search
The straight forward interface makes the software particularly suitable for non-CAD users.   The software can essentially become a 'Map Viewer', 'Land Titles Viewer', 'House Plan Viewer', 'Inventory Parts Viewer' etc.

Compare CAD Viewer / CAD Markup / SymbolCAD /QA-CAD here.

OS: Win 2003/2008/2012/Citrix/XP/XP64/Vista/Vist64/Win7/win7x64/Win8/Win8x64/Win10

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